GRP-Home is a consultant company with more than 20 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing
of GRP / CFRP products, raw materialss and establishment of manufacturing companies.

We started in 2004, very soon, 6 major projects were negotiated with different
  • companies from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Kurdistan(Iraq), Sweden and United Kingdom
  • In Sweden we had the opportunity of working for IKEA, the Road Authorities of Sweden and in England for Furmanite Intl. Ltd.
  • Repairing corroded gas/oil and chemical pipelines and parts according to various norms is another area of our strength.
    In 2011 we stablished a complete manufacturing company "CommerTek AB" from scratch here in Sweden.
    We use resins, glassfibre and Carbon fibre (from well known producers) in our products. The technique and production methods are modern (regularly updated)
    This enable us to provide - the highest quality product, right price and proper delivery time. Our services are unmatched.
    We use latest Swedish Plastic Vessel Norms/EU & British standards/AEA/ISO24817/EN61400 etc. Please check with us before you start your project.  

  • High quality, right price, problem-free delivery.

    For more information please contact us at